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Best Cheats, Hack and Botting software for ROTMG 2013

So my ingame name is “PuddingLOL” and I’m a cheater. I use hacks and bots to be good at the game and many people don’t approve. But I have to say that I only started cheating in ROTMG, after I noticed that just about half the people there are using some kind of cheat.

So about bots I gotta say that using the bot from rotmghack.com has been helping me a lot in getting more fame on auto pilot. I know right now fame is worth next to nothing but the devs will soon release the nexy “ammy”. The bot works just fine, get about 500 fame per day and kills about 10 to 20 fresh wizards in that time. (download link at the bottom)

Hacks are quite useful as well – especially the god mode is just plain awesome. Wouldn’t want to play without this stuff ever again. One does not have to worry about death or anything. It’s so much fun just sitting on Oryx 2 and not give a darn. Also its very easy to get rich that way. (download link at the bottom)

All in all cheating in ROTMG is awesome and since almost everyone who has the means to do it, does it, I really don’t feel bad doing it. Cheating is part of Realm of the Mad God like flies are a part of dog shit. – So I’d recommend you get in on it and PM me in game after you downloaded the cheats and we play together.

Cheats (Bot+Hack) to use in ROTMG


Realm of the Mad God cheats 2013

There are new cheats to use in ROTMG available. The first bot to farm fame in ROTMG has finally been developed. I thought this would never happen, but it has been pulled off. This bot is quite good at farming fame with fresh characters and will get you up to 500 fame per day.

Also there is a working god mode by the same developers. Sadly they wont let you use the bot and god mode combined. But if you have some programming skill, you might be able to pull it off.

Well that’s it from me on ROTMG cheats. Follow the Link below to get the good stuff:
Cheats for Realm of the Mad God